Useful References

Below please find references to the useful links with brief overview of their usefulness

• – state database of legal acts, as an innovation it is possible to comfortably follow the recent changes of legal acts compared with the wording of the previous redaction (compare the redactions). Also you can read legal news etc.
Court information of Riigiteataja – here all public land, circuit and supreme court decisions can be found.

• – very efficient and detailed database for the lawyers for search of important decisions of supreme court. The topic-related analyses and overviews of analysts of supreme court are also legally educating.

•  and – detailed pages for the receipt of all kind of information related to legal information and procedures, e.g. instructions for the citizen in submission of application of expedited processing of payment order and ordering support for the child, also instructions for collection of debt abroad.

•   Centre of Registers and Information Systems (  – where the most used divisions can be found:

– E-business register – allows to establish for example the excerpts of registry of all companies as a free inquiry (members of the management board of the company on B-card). Tax debts and non-submitted returns are also visible free of charge.

– Company registration portal – here the companies can perform different amendments of the registry entry of the company with ID-card, e.g. changing of the legal address, changing of the management board etc.

– E-land register – allows to identify the owners of registered immovable properties according to address or cadastral code, price of inquiry: 1 euro. The name of the person or personal identification code enables to search the real estate belonging to it, this inquiry is free of charge.

– Punishment register –  punishment register available for everyone is an excellent possibility for employers and contract partners to identify the background of the person incl also when leasing the apartment, price of inquiry: 4 euros.

– Official announcements – disclosure of various notices, announcements and invitations publicly, by which the notice/invitation is considered delivered as required. E.g. notices of courts, bailiffs, bankruptcy trustees and notaries.

• – important portal for assessment of financial capability of contract partners or e.g. lessee, also for review of annual report and balance sheets of the company.

• – analogous to Krediidiinfo, but the added value is to establish the list of all companies related to the person comfortably and as a free inquiry.

•   Construction register (
Important register for control of conformity of the technical specifications of private houses and apartments by the persons operating in the real estate sector. Major attention in real estate transactions is recently paid to the correctness of the data in the construction register.

•  Geoportal of Land Board (
Detailed database of the Estonian map applications which is an important tool for the people involved in real estate. The cadastral code enables to find the plan of land unit supplied with aerophoto of each registered immovable property and specify the restrictions by choosing the map layers.