Legal Services

  • Legal services and consultations in the sectors of civil law
    The primary consultation of the clients and continuous advisory (consultation) of the loyal clients in the situations and matters arisen from the main legal sectors. Consultation possible by phone and e-mail.
  • Conduct of action procedure in court
    Legal settlement of civil and administrative matters, representation of the client in procedure and in court sessions. Submission of decisions to the execution procedure and monitoring of its fulfilment (statements of claim, counterclaims, legal objections, complaints, appeals against court ruling, appeals).
  • Preparation of different contracts and documents
    Adjustment and preparation of different legal documents (contracts, claims, applications, pretensions, employment contracts, withdrawals from contracts, cancellations etc).
  • Conclusion of compromises
    Reaching compromises and extrajudicial agreements at the negotiations and conclusion of relevant contracts, representation of clients at the negotiations. We can state based on our experience that the reasonable compromise is more favourable for both parties.
  • Foundation and sale of companies, bankruptcy and liquidation procedure
    Legal management of foundation, sale, merger, division and reorganization of companies. Consultations related to bankruptcy, liquidation and debt reorganization and representation of the client.